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Everything you need to know about lawn aeration


Lawn aeration is an essential cultural practice for maintaining the health and vigor of your lawn. Also known as coring, this process involves perforating the soil at regular intervals to allow better circulation of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots.

Why is ventilation necessary? Several factors can lead to soil compaction, such as frequent trampling, extreme weather conditions, or clay soil. Compaction reduces the space between soil particles, limiting air and water circulation, which compromises the health of grass roots. The formation of puddles on the lawn after a rain shower that only slowly dries up is a clear indication that the soil is compacted. Additionally, the buildup of thatch, a layer of dead organic matter between the grass and soil, can also hinder healthy lawn growth by blocking the roots’ access to air and water.

How does the aeration process work? There are two main methods of aeration: mechanical coring and mechanical or manual staking. Mechanical coring involves the use of a special machine equipped with small hollow points that penetrate the ground and remove cores of soil. Mechanical or manual staking, for its part, consists of perforating the ground with solid points using an aerating fork or any other device to create holes at regular intervals without removing the soil cores. Mechanical coring is preferred to maximize results.

What are the benefits of lawn aeration? By allowing better circulation of air, water and nutrients through the soil, aeration encourages root growth, leading to denser, stronger turf. Additionally, by reducing soil compaction and removing excess thatch, aeration helps prevent fungal diseases and problems related to excessive water drainage.

How often should you aerate the lawn? The ideal is to aerate the lawn at least once a year, preferably in spring or fall when grass growth is most active. However, frequency may vary depending on factors such as soil type, local climate and lawn usage.

In conclusion, lawn aeration is an essential step in maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn. By promoting root health and improving soil quality, aeration helps maintain a lush, green lawn all year round.