How to maintain your lawn during a drought

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Is there a heat wave coming? Are you already dreading your lawn turning yellow under the hot sun? If so, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your lawn looking its best. Monsieur Gazon is here to help! Our team has prepared a short blog post on how to maintain your lawn before, during and after a drought.

Before a drought
It’s hard to escape a drought unscathed. However, you can implement a few good practices early in the season to keep your lawn healthy and green. For example, leave
your grass longer the first and last mow of the season. When the grass is longer, the roots grow deeper, helping the lawn better resist drought.

When watering your lawn, do two sections at a time instead of watering it all at once. Watering the whole thing isn’t effective as the roots won’t get thoroughly soaked. A
healthy lawn is more resistant to drought and will have an easier time recovering from a heat wave.

Moreover, a good fertilization program is important. Consider applying fertilizer in the spring and fall.

During a drought
During a drought, the reason your lawn turns yellow is because it’s not getting enough water. Grass needs about 25 millimetres of rain per week to stay green. A lack of water
will cause the grass to go dormant to protect itself. It’s important to stop mowing your lawn during a drought because growth slows significantly. Wait until your lawn turns
green again before firing up the mower. Additionally, avoid fertilizing your lawn during a heat wave as this can damage or even burn the grass.

After a drought
If the drought is short-lived, be patient. Your lawn should green up with regular watering and rainfall. However, if the drought lasts a long time, your lawn may never
fully recover. If this happens, you may need to reseed areas where the grass has died.

How to reseed your lawn:

  • Wait until September for daytime temperatures to be between 15 and 20
    degrees Celcius
  • Aerate the lawn to loosen the thatch
  • Spread a ¼ inch of compost or lawn soil
  • Place the seeds
  • Cover lightly with more compost or potting soil
  • Keep the lawn moist


Be careful!
You must choose the right lawn seed mix for the area you’re trying to repair.
There are different grass mixes for sunny, semi-shaded and shaded areas. There are also
quick germination mixes for very bare spots, which sprout in less than seven days.
Monsieur Gazon has everything you need for your seeds and soils.

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