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How to Make Repairs to Your Lawn

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Your lawn is invaded by dead brown spots and you want to know how to restore its impeccable appearance? Be aware that bare patches of grass are the main gap that weeds exploit to invade your lawn. It is therefore important to quickly repair damage to your lawn. Although repairing brown spots is not particularly difficult, you should know the best practices and recommendations for optimal grass regrowth.

Identify the cause
Before beginning repairs, it is essential to identify the cause of the brown spots. Brown spots can be caused by various factors such as machinery, drought, fungal diseases, insect damage (white grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworm…), improper mowing, insufficient irrigation , pet urine or excess foot traffic. If you cannot identify the cause, do not hesitate to contact a lawn care expert Monsieur Gazon who can help you see more clearly.

Treat the underlying cause
Once the cause is identified, take the necessary steps to treat the underlying problem. For example, if the brown spots are caused by a fungal disease, you may need to apply a fungicide. If it is due to drought, water more frequently and deeply. Once again, a lawn maintenance expert Monsieur Gazon will be able to offer you solutions adapted to your situation.

Level the area
If the brown spots are due to a buildup of plant debris or a layer of thatch, gently rake the area to remove debris and promote air and water circulation in the soil. To level the area to be repaired, quality potting soil is essential. In addition to creating an environment conducive to seed germination, a potting mix specially designed for repairing damaged, weed-free lawn surfaces ensures impeccable results.

Certified quality seeds
Spread a thin layer of grass seed evenly over your area to be repaired. For optimal results, it is essential to use certified quality, weed-free seeds. Unfortunately, seeds sold in supermarkets are generally not weed-free and may contain unsuitable grass varieties in addition to offering rather low germination rates. Monsieur Gazon offers its customers a mixture of certified professional seeds in quantities suitable for owners. Also scatter a light layer of soil over the seeds to hide them from birds.

Keep the area lightly watered
Regular watering of the repaired area is essential to promote seed germination. Depending on the temperature, you may need to water daily or even twice a day to keep the area moist without washing it out. Once the seeds have germinated, you can space out the watering.

Wait to mow
Depending on the temperature, after about ten days you should start to see the small blades of grass blossom. However, this area remains very vulnerable for a few weeks. Avoid mowing newly seeded areas until the grass blades are at least ⅓ taller than normal grass. This will help the repair settle in before mowing.

By following these steps, you should be able to effectively repair brown spots on your lawn and restore its lush, even appearance. If brown spots persist despite your efforts, you may consider consulting a Monsieur Gazon lawn care expert for additional advice.